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Debating Religious Truth

In observing atheists’ and evangelists’ arguments I have noted what seems to be a major disagreement on what the word “truth” means. Evangelical people use “truth” to mean unprovable facts, what scientists generally call axioms. The scientific/atheistic authors use “truth” … Continue reading

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My path to atheism

When I was about 4 years old my father (conservative jew, but not very observant even for that watered down branch of judaism) taught me that God was everywhere and watched over children and other weaklings (my word). That would … Continue reading

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Sharia law is god’s punishment for worship of Mohamed Why should genetics give some individuals an inside track to god? The Jews are grudgingly called god’s chosen (implying some special privileges) and those who claim genetic descent from Mohamed are … Continue reading

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Learning WordPress

With Firefox & NoScript I had to enable scripts from as well as to make editing work.

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