Sharia law is god’s punishment for worship of Mohamed

Why should genetics give some individuals an inside track to god? The Jews are grudgingly called god’s chosen (implying some special privileges) and those who claim genetic descent from Mohamed are treated as being better than their peers, as if goodness were genetic and therefore not a function of the soul. Racist, tribalistic, what one would expect of animals trying to wrap words around their evolutionarily honed instincts.

Apologists for Islam often state that you can only understand the koran in its original “Classical Arabic” language.

  • To understand any language you must have significant knowledge of the culture of its speakers as spoken language is full of phrases that mean other than what is rendered by a literal translation: you must know the audience and the social context in which the words are heard to translate them.
  • The claim that a concept can only be formed starting with a particular pattern of phonemes claims that the abstraction of phonemes is in some sense the equivalent of a concept, that something like the ‘+’ sign is inseparable from understanding addition. While a particular language might be capable of expressing a particular concept more pithily than any other, such terseness is inherently due to the concept being frequent in that language and hence assigned by human nature a shorter encoding.
  • If it can’t be translated into Hebrew then how are god’s chosen people to know god’s latest (and last) words? I guess if they don’t need to hear the koran it must mean there isn’t anything in it that isn’t in the hebrew bible or the rabbinical traditions that followed the fall of Jerusalem, in which case there is nothing of consequence within it.
  • Would an all merciful god make knowledge of his mind accessible only to a very few? That is handing us humans to the devil as we must trust other humans to decipher the Classical Arab messages for us.

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