More on Abortion Rights

A zygote’s nature is determined by its genes, in fact isn’t much beyond a bag of lipids and a ball of DNA. To state that it is a human is to state that a human is defined primarily by their genes.

That lends strong support to racism.

To counter that you must claim the existence of something commonly called a soul, and state that it is attached in some fashion to the ball of DNA.

In the Jewish/Christian/Islamic tradition the existence of that soul is presumed. That same tradition also is permeated by the importance of genetic heritage “visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children and the children’s children, to the third and the fourth generation.” Christians require that their Messiah be the descendent of David, with two rather different genealogies provided. While Jews do allow adoption into the religion/tribe it is not encouraged, and today’s orthodox Jews dislike the claims of some Indic peoples and some African peoples of actual genetic relationship. In the Islamic world the great and bloody split into Sunni and Shia is primarily about genetic based inheritance of the rule of the Prophet, and men who claim male descent get to wear black turbans so that everyone knows about it.
All of that suggests that genes dominate God’s attitude toward an individual.
To me that makes the Bible/Abrahamic faiths irremediably racist.

To state that life begins at conception (fusing of sperm and ovum) is inherently racist.


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