On Woody Allen’s abuse of a child

Allen’s passing a lie detector test to me is inconclusive.

From personal experience I know that at times of great stress people do things that are so foreign to their own self image that they do not accept that they performed the deed, and never would have done the deed when life is flowing easy.

At my father’s memorial the only people crying were the ones that had not known him well or long. The last time I was in his physical presence I held him at arm’s length when he tried to envelop me in a hug, both because of the wide range of neglect and abuse directly of me, but in nearly equal measure due to his response when he asked me why my sister wouldn’t talk to him. When I suggested he needed to admit he molested her he would first say (we went through this routine more than once) that he doesn’t know why she would think such a thing about him. I would answer “because you did so, by my own observation”. He would ignore that and say “well I’m sorry she thinks that I did that”, to which I would say “I heard her crying and watched you leave her bedroom”. He would then say “well if I did something like that I’m sorry”. I would try to explain that refusing to acknowledge to himself that he did this makes his apology empty, he is still not willing to feel even second hand the pain he caused another.


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