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Quantum Semantics

Parallel universes is not a particularly compelling interpretation of quantum mechanics, it seems to be due to linguistic confusion between ‘what can be known at one point in time given what is known at another’ with ‘is’. — Wave-particle duality … Continue reading

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 Two of the three most traumatic events of

Two of the three most traumatic events of my life are abortions. The first when I was about 20 seemed excusable due to relative poverty, the woman (now my ex-wife) never said a word about why she did it. I … Continue reading

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Greg Abbot naive on freedom

From Greg Abbott: “When government is limited, freedom is expanded.” The continental congress extended itself into a full country gov’t creating greater freedom for most colonial citizens (at least in the north). South Africa goes both ways, the gov’t retracted … Continue reading

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On culture

I am greatly annoyed when people present themselves as being a member of a particular culture as an attempt to dodge responsibility for their actions, delegating that responsibility to those who set the norms for that culture. The obvious case … Continue reading

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evolution vs creationism

(in response to a blog post that micro evolution is proven but macro is not) Evolution exactly is differential survival of variations. The bible as you find it in churches these days is reconstructed from fragments written in long dead … Continue reading

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