On the Open Carry street theater

This is someone else’s response to a facebook post about Open-Carry gun nuts going to a family restaurant.

John Maverick:
My thoughts as a gun owner (NSFW): I use the word “Fuck.” I like the word “Fuck.” I even carry the word “Fuck” with me at all times.
Some people don’t like the word “Fuck.”
I have the 1st amendment which allows me to use the word “Fuck” wherever and whenever I like.
Although I have shouted the word “Fuck,” I don’t do it outside restaurants, hardware stores or simply walking down the street as I know it might offend people.
I have my rights but I choose not to violate the rights of others by abusing my right.
Do I dream of a world where the word “Fuck” can be out in the open and used freely?
Fuck no, that would be barbaric!


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