Religion is Politics

The major religions are major because at some time they were sanctioned by a government. In the case of Judaism, Catholicism and to some degree other Christian branches, Islam all were created by ruling elites to control their population.

There is no sign of Judaism until after the kings of Israel come along and decide they need a bit of divine right to secure their rule. Judaism includes pieces of older myths of the region. The 10% tithe so popular in evangelical churches I have been to is the income tax of its time.

Christianity is a syncretic religion combining mythic elements organized by greeks. It became the state religion of the Roman Empire when the emperor of the east decided he no longer wanted to share power with the priests of the old Roman religion. It was spread by the sword.

Islam starts with most of what is bad from Judaism, and adds a bunch of hero worship. Then as now it is used to justify absolute rule of government over population.


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