Advent of color vision

I remember lying in my crib and within the space of a few breaths my central vision first showed a fog of red that spread over my full span of vision bringing with it color.

It is one of the few times I’ve felt what I believe most people call amazement. I feel like it was hours that I spent just looking at everything soaking in the colors, everything (as in every thing) was re-evaluated and re-annotated with a new field ‘color’ added to it (sorry, but I am a software engineer at times).

The bedroom window had always been bright-whiteness, now there was pale blue- a favorite enjoyed in the context of something brown/tan, presumably the trim around the window.

The living room was a muted peachy orange (low watt lightbulbs I presume).

Prior to color vision monochrome vision had a much greater dynamic range. There was a richness of hue and texture that no black-and-white photograph begins to match.

According to my remembered sense-of-self this occurred after the worst horror of my early life (casually mentioned in ‘why I am an atheist’) and enough after that for my congestion to have gone away, but before I can do more than roll over on my own, and that not reliably yet.

In this post I am remembering remembering something, hopefully I will find the notes I made when the recollection was fresh.


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